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"Wow, where the hell did these guys come from all of a sudden? I know nothing about them except that I love what I hear. Some sort of jazzy spazzmath psych mess with a vocalist who reminds me strongly of Arrington de Dionyso from Old Time Relijun. Pointillistic, deceptively complex, framework smashing hallucinations, I can’t wait to hear more from feefawfum!" (The Big Takeover)

"There are some subtle dynamic modulations on this release, some sophisticated changes of feel, some precisely articulated unison passages and some challenging rhythmic complexities… but it’s all delivered in a tone of voice that combines the grit of punk with a Dadaist pleasure in absurdity. The listening experience ranges from a pronounced sense of discoherence, to a compelling sense of forward motion, frequently swinging wildly and rapidly between the two, as it does in ‘Crapitalism’. The discoherence is carefully crafted however, with very precisely written rhythmic diminutions and augmentations creating the illusion of randomness within a strict metronomic pulse; the performances are similarly indicative of some highly developed musicianship, combining ensemble precision with a relaxed feel in a way that is only possible when the material is well within the players’ technical compass. All of this cleverness is worn lightly, and Feefawfum is an entertaining listen, funny, but also satisfyingly virtuosic, and creative in a way that calls conventional musical aesthetics into question. This is a highly accomplished recording, and one that I’m happy to predict will stick with me for a long time. Top whack malarkey." (Oliver Arditi)

"Feefawfum est un trio cosmopolite incluant un français et deux américains, tous établis à Montréal depuis peu. Ils se sont réunis sous la bannière feefawfum pour faire un math-rock débridé avec des chansons aux paroles et aux structures frôlant avec l’absurde. Le genre d’album aussi étourdissant et bizarre que les meilleurs moments de Mr. Bungle et Deerhoof." (BangBang)

Feefawfum is an experimental punk-jazz outfit from Montreal, QC. A carnival blues band oscillating between the weirdest of the pop and the poppest of the weird, this misfit trio confronts the chasm separating the body from the mind with a heady blend of quirky hooks, gnarly chords, baroque forms, black humor, and a lusty roar. Their music has been described variously as "pointillistic, deceptively complex, framework smashing hallucinations" (The Big Takeover), "unbridled math-rock... grazing with the absurd... as stunning and bizarre as the best moments of Mr. Bungle and Deerhoof" (BangBang), and simply "tasty" (Weirdest Band in the World). Featuring members of Shining Wizard, L'Appel du Vide, and Black Givre, Feefawfum is not for the faint of heart; repeat listening advised. RIYL: Captain Beefheart, The Minutemen, Tim Buckley, etc.



released May 3, 2013

Farley Miller played guitar and sang.
Stéphane Diamantakiou played bass and sang.
Ryan Packard played drum set, vibraphone, and toys, and also sang.
Scott Levine and John Aspinall engineered it. Scott did the mastering.
Cindy Beulah designed the logo.

The record was self-released digitally in May of 2013 and on cassette in February of 2014. All of the songs were written by Farley except "Sourpuss," which was co-written with Ryan.



all rights reserved


Feefawfum Montréal, Québec

Weird rock music from Montreal. Feefawfum is Farley Miller (guitar/vox), Stéphane Diamantakiou (bass), Zachary Scholes (keyboards), and Sebastian Balk-Forcione (drums).

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Track Name: Sourpuss
What a shining summer afternoon
To be with you at the zoo
The capybara and tucans, too
We could mate for life like penguins do

But what's eating you?

The cat's out of the bag
Young love's a drag
Hunger-pang-framed smile
The tiger takes your tongue and ties it

What a shining summer afternoon
For you to say, "I don't need you"
The capybara cries, "boo-hoo!"
'Cause my heart's broke in two

But what's eating you?

The cat's out of the bag
Young love's a drag
Hunger-pang-framed smile
The tiger takes your tongue and ties it

At the zoo
Track Name: Preparatory
The sea, the trees, pride, property
It's going to be a cold one, so lie next to me

The moon, the stars, goodnight, good morn'
I hear there's a view, so sleep with one eye open

Don't try to save the world
You'll stop the next from being born
Be sure to fill out the questionnaire on your way out
Track Name: Black Bichon
Alabaster armies break

Scraping glaciers
What great inertia!
Scraping glaciers
What warm blood!

Flying south, paid vacation

Blood boils in the heat
Steam rises off of cooked meat

In a den of lions lies black Bichon
Content and intent and carrying on
With human entrails and crayons

Alabaster armies break

The man upstairs tugs the line and hands rise
They lit a fire in the sky, was it a warning sign?

Black Bichon looks on
Track Name: Crapitalism
Why that tone of voice with me?
Such a leer, such a stare
Upward man and downward fish
Mother Nature's son

That's why I...

Why did I ever go to school?
I should have stayed in my hometown
And gotten a job at Best Buy
If I had, I'd run the store by now

How many times have I pushed my feelings aside?
I kept the future in mind and it didn't arrive

I'm going back in time to join the pack

Goodbye, I'm stepping outside
A magic trick, the flick of my wrist

Why the long face? It don't look right

Turn that frown upside down, you'll be the talk of the town

Walk to the car, get in the car, drive in the car, be in the car

Someday I'll make a dollar
And someday I'll make another
If I make enough I'm going to swim in it
A big house with the white pickets

It looks just right!

Why the long face? It don't look right

Turn that frown upside down, you'll be the talk of the town

What? Oh my god! Holy cow!!!
It wasn't all that it seemed to be

Ask the families with silverware and cars
What's all the noise and money for?
Track Name: AZ
The lie is on my mind

The words, they came from above
The fish-gods and their love for making mute the problem-child
We scratch our heads for a while
And then they bob in perfect time
We accept the lie
In perfect time we accept the lie

So far so good
I don't have it bad like those other guys
But sometimes I get the feeling that I'm next in line

Because every time that I pack my bags for a long ride
The walls grow thick, thicker still
Next time, will they build a moat?

Police man says, "you don't look like from here"
And I said, "I just stepped through the mirror"

The lie

The lie is on my mind